EP01: What Did Your Ex Teach You?

I’m so thrilled to debut the first episode of the Kiss My Angeles podcast. As an evolving person, my feminism can’t be defined in black and white terms or literal stances on specific subjects. As a women, I’m learning more about myself, and about what it means to be a woman in this world, every single day. It’s because of those experiences, and the questions I had to find answers to, that I’m on this path. This podcast is meant to follow the journey and ebb and flow with the ripples of growth and new interactions.

I want to create a positive platform for dialogue. It seems the respectful exchange of ideas and opinions is drowning in a digital battlefield of online trolls, so I want to bring my real and enlightening conversations with people from different places and backgrounds to a podcast that empowers and elevates how we view women in the world.

In this episode, I sit down with talented musician/producer Valente Bertelli and health coach and entrepreneur Ariane Hennings to talk about The Ex. I hope you enjoy the show! If you do, be sure to subscribe below to get new episode sent straight to your inbox!





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