Why I’m Feminist

Because there are people outside Planned Parenthood with giant posters of dismembered fetuses
Because old white guys are proposing legislation over a body part they don’t even have
Because my friends say they don’t want to have girls because boys don’t get pregnant
Because it took me 25 years to realize I am more than my body
Because strange men put their arms around my waist at clubs
Because if I don’t wear make up people ask if I’m tired or sick
Because even female leaders are sexualized and objectified
Because everything about older women is considered ugly
Because the friend zone is a considered a bad place to be
Because I bet half the guys already stopped reading this
Because it took 10+ women to expose Daniel Holtzclaw
Because I’m supposed to take catcalls as compliments
Because fear makes it hard to see the good in people
Because freedom of religion isn’t extended to women
Because men tell me sexism doesn’t existย anymore
Because there are thousands of untested rape kits
Because there has never been a female president
Because I’m expected to always look put together
Because on first dates I was nervous about eating
Because even super models have plastic surgery
Because if I consider plastic surgery I’m shallow
Because it took 50 women to expose Bill Cosby
Because I’m expected to change my last name
Because I’m too scared to say how I really feel
Because they want women to hate each other
Because there are no women on US currency
Because I can’t walk my dog alone at night
Because it’s too late for my generation
Because every strange man is a threat
Because I’ve never had a female boss
Because “legalize rape” protests exist
Because even cops are raping us
Because female purity is bullshit
Because I’m considered weaker
Because I actually feel weaker
Because I’m scared of aging
Because I self objectify
Because waist trainers
Because slut shaming
Because depression
Because anorexia
Because bulimia
Because BDD
Because I’m damned if I do
Because we’re doomed if we don’t.

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