The End of an Era

I started Kiss My Angeles in 2010.

I was commuting an hour, from the valley to El Segundo, to my first job out of college. Driving through Downtown LA’s cluster of iconic skyscrapers was the inspiration for the logo, and my mindset as a 20-something Angeleno was the inspiration for the name.

Nearly 12 years later, it’s time to close this chapter. 

Though its public mission and focus changed over the years, from culture and entertainment to activism, writing and podcasting, Kiss My Angeles has foremost been an avenue for my creative expression and growth during those fluttering, magical years we call our twenties.

In the last decade, KMA has helped me connect deeply with the women in my community, make impactful moves for the causes I care about, and find confidence in my own voice.

What more could I ask for?

Thank you for being a part of the fundraisers, events, podcasts, and experience.

See you at the next one.

With gratitude,


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