EP21: Burn 2017

Stacey Fontaine and I fired up the mics for an episode to recap the year. And let’s be real, it’s been a tough one. To make it easier (the episode) I’ve included time stamps so you can jump to topics.

Shortly after recording this, I organized a fire seance* where we shared what we want to leave in 2017 and our intentions for the new year. We each had our reasons, but many of the words we wrote, and then burned, were the same: Anxiety, self-doubt, pressure, expectations, stressing the small stuff, shrinking down.

Creating the space and opportunity to share stories reminds me how much we need each other. I hope this holiday season affords you time to gather with your friends, unload the weight of the year, and set optimistic goals for 2018.

*I’m not using this word correctly because obviously we’re not summoning the dead. Somewhere along the line, getting together with the girls to catch up over candle light became known as a seance. Also maybe we all kind of think we’re witches. 


00:00 – 41:37: 
Intro + the wave of public sexual assault and harassment accusations.

41:37 – 01:03:15: 
The threats to net neutrality + our goals for 2018.

01:03:15 – 01:12:25: 
Listener Question 1: With the wave of public accusations, should men change how they approach women?

01:12:25 – 01:18:38: 
Listener Question 2: What is the best way to approach a girl in the gym?

Closing inspiration

01:20:39 Bonus Clip: I want to “Tom Cruise” Cat Callers


Battle for the Net

For Some Victims, Reporting a Rape Can Bring Doubt, Abuse — and Even Prosecution” – ProPublica.

Untested Rape Kits in the USA – EndtheBacklog.org

The Anatomy of Doubt – This American Life


Cloudflare CEO on Policing Nazis Online: We Never Considered ‘People Could Just Be Really Evil’ – Gizmodo.com

Ignored By Big Telecom, Detroit’s Marginalized Communities Are Building Their Own Internet – Motherboard.vice.com

Watch the moment a North Korean soldier defected to the South – Reddit.com

Tom Cruise being Tom Cruise

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