The Hourglass

I want to feel something
Even if it’s just my two thighs
Rubbing together
I want to take up space
Instead of moving through this world
a naked child in cold weather
Anger prickles my skin
And my joints ache from this box
I’m meant to exist in
Resentment wraps around a ring
That for some reason everyone
Interprets as an identity bracelet
Can I live without having to fake it?
At least once a day, on the street
Down hallways
In meetings, at bars,
In classrooms, when I’m learning
When I’m teaching
Hustling or preaching
Is it possible?
For you to look me in the eyes
And see yourself
Instead of a remedy to your weakened health
A symmetrical loop for your belt
The forbidden taste of heaven in hell.
Scheming, this world steals flesh from my cracked shell
A promise of freedom, fictionalized
Look at me
I am an hour glass
A shape you fixate on as it exists a door
You imagine its cold curves
Pressed against yours
I am more.
I am time
I am ticking
I am grains of sand
Passed down, generation to generation
I am shattered glass
Sharp and dangerous
I am the one you love
And I am the faceless iterations
I am the future
And I am all the years wasted
I am the stench of dead weight
I am the space in empty rooms
A shadow of lies
And keeper of truth
I am you.

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