I miss the old FemBot
The fold my clothes FemBot
Stick to your shows FemBot
Pre-heat the stove FemBot

I hate the new FemBot
Don’t wax her pubes FemBot
Keeps up with news FemBot
Sounds like a dude FemBot

I miss the sweet FemBot
Room’s always neat FemBot
Bakes lots of sweets FemBot
Heels on her feet FemBot

Now she got bite, FemBot
Fight for her rights, FemBot
Go out at night, FemBot
Got her own life, FemBot

Now I’m afraid, FemBot
I can’t get laid, FemBot
You’re getting paid, FemBot
And that feels strange, FemBot

I look at you, FemBot
I look at you, FemBot
And now I wonder what it means
To be a dude, FemBot

Help me evolve, FemBot
Break down my walls, FemBot
When it comes to all these feels,
Who do I call, FemBot?

I need new goals, FemBot
Outside these roles, FemBot
And maybe then I’ll see you
As an equal soul
And not
a robot.

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